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Single Computer Boards (Raspberry Pi) are used to give students hands­on experience of programming  C/C++ languages and executing C/C++ application in real time. Many programming fundamental
concepts are similar for all programming languages, so once a student understands the basics of  programming in one language he/she can apply that knowledge to others very quickly.
By using the SBCs workshop the students, can give instructions to the  microprocessor in a variety of ways, using different programming languages and tools.
The student  learns programming microprocessor concepts that they can apply to other devices and programming situations to solve the real life problem using C/C++.

Agenda of the Workshop

1. Talk: Hardware, operating system and software programming concepts are compulsory for engineer and scientists

2. Introduction to Raspberry Pi

◦ Different Single Computer System Boards
◦ ARM System on Chip Architecture
◦ Hardware Interfaces

3. Resource Managment of Raspberry Pi 

◦ Operating System Concept (Raspbian , Ubunt etc)
◦ Basic intro to Linux kernel

4. Programming Raspberry Pi

◦ C/C++ programming for Raspberry Pi
◦ Parallel Programming concepts

5. Hands­on Projects (Download)

◦ Setting up the Raspberry Pi (Ubuntu OS, Raspbian OS)
◦ Installing libraries for different peripherals (OpenCV etc)
◦ Booting Raspberry Pi
◦ GPIO programming
◦ Embedded Computer Vision
◦ Sensors Interfaces
◦ Stepper Motor Controller
◦ Accessing System remotely
◦ Interfacing with Arduino

Workshop on Single Board Computers